by on June 29, 2011

Search engines do a great job of indexing text and graphical elements that have been tagged, but there are millions of images floating around the Internet that never get any love simply because there aren’t any great technologies that are able to accurately identify objects withing images (i.e. faces, car models, famous landmarks, etc.). Sure iPhoto, Picasa, FaceBook and a handful of other products and services offer facial recognition, but it’s flaky and the core tech focus is mostly on faces, and a lot of times results are not as accurate as one would hope for.

There are however a number of companies that are taking image search to the next level, one of them is a company based in UK called WeSee. WeSee achieves the most relevant possible search results by uniquely adding pattern recognition technology to mathematical algorithms. WeSEE’s core product is a proprietary engine that harnesses the powers of pattern recognition, semantics, mathematics and artificial neural networking techniques. They call this Hybrid Search, which is able to find textual and text-independent content automatically without relying on text descriptions and tags.

I had a chance to sit down with two of the founders, Adrian Moxley and Angie Lopez. In the short video below they explain what WeSee is, technology behind it and various business opportunities where this tech can be used.

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