by on June 10, 2011

We’re all human, and when something negative happens in our lives, especially with a product, service or a company, we tend to bitch and moan to our friends and whoever else will listen. Ten years ago negative sentiment was confined to small circles of people who interact face to face, through e-mail or forums. It would take weeks, months and sometimes years for negative opinion to snowball into something damaging to a company or a brand. Now with Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of other social networks negative sentiment about companies, brands and services can grown to potentially million of people in a matter of hours. The best thing a company can do, when this happens, is to swiftly respond and engage the customer, and turn their opinion from negative to positive through clear and personal communications.

So in order to measure, analyse and understand what is being said or talked about online about a brand or company you need a tool or service that does the monitoring. And if you do a search you will find many free and paid offerings. For the most part they do very similar things; monitor what is being said in real time thus help quickly react to negative feedback. In addition the same tools can help to develop brand, product and communication strategies given the background noise, as well as analyse the effectiveness of communication campaigns – using that online noise as a gauge.

Made In Social is one of these tools. They are a young development company headquartered in Mexico, with a large client base in South America. They are started to break into the North American market and having conversation with some big names such as Nike and Intel. They differentiate themselves from the competition by providing an easy to use and understand web-based interface and clear pricing structure. I sat down with David Alfaro (@DavidinSocial), who is one of the founders and we had a brief conversation about Made in Social.

Made in Social on Twitter: @madeinsocial

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