Security Code is InvalidThere seems to be a problem with iTunes that, as far as I can tell, Apple is not addressing – at least not publicly. According to many users complaining in the iTunes support forums, and my own experience, Apple is not accepting some people’s credit cards and debit cards as payments for apps, music or what have you. The problem seems to be sporadic, which is probably why there is no official response on Apple’s forums.

Here is what happens. I go to iTunes and edit my credit card information in my account settings. In my case I entered the number from the Wells Fargo Business Visa/Debit card, which I have been using as a debit and Visa card for the last 8 years.

iTunes reports back an error telling me that the “Invalid Security Code” has been entered when in fact all the information entered is correct. Trying this process a number of times unsuccessfully raised red flags with Wells Fargo and they locked my card. Of course I had no clue my business card is locked until I try to make a purchase at a store. Then I have the scenario where I sheepishly flip through my wallet looking for another card while the store clerk and people in line behind me have that “Yeah, right, sure…” look on their faces. So then I call the bank, explain the situation, unlock my card and learn that my card in fact does have credit card capabilities. After all, there is a Visa logo on the card the rep tells me, and the issue is on the vendor side, not the banks.

To resolve the problem in my case I simply entered another credit card, non-debit, to my profile and things seem to be working now. However, according to multiple Apples support forum posts, changing to another credit card may not work. One user reports that even his PayPal account is being rejected. So you have tons of users who have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars with Apple all of a sudden not able to spend any more. Sounds counter intuitive. Type in “Security Code is Invalid” in the Search Discussions filed here to see the threads for yourself.

I’m sure in the grand world of Apple this maybe a tiny problem with a reasonable answer and a simple solution. But not addressing the issue publicly when the problem seems wide spread is not the way to go about this. So if you’re listing Apple – acknowledge the problem so that the very people who pay your salaries by making purchases don’t loose faith in the company that preaches innovative products and services.

If you’re reading this and have experienced this problem, then please tell your story in the comments.

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