Luxe Original iPhone 4 Case In my humble opinion, the iPhone 4 looks great, and if it didn’t have the reported problems, I wouldn’t see any reason to cover it with a case. But the reality is different, so I protect my investment with some sort of a case or screen. There are plenty of case choices–some are thick, some thin; some tacky, some slippery; some feel expensive, and some feel and look cheap. What’s important, I feel, is the thickness of the case, how it feels in my hand, and maybe its appearance. Personally, I like a super-thin case so I doesn’t add to the bulkiness and weight of the phone in my pocket, and a slightly sticky/tacky feel so that the phone feels secure in my hand.

For this quick hands-on I focused on iFrogz Luxe Original case because it’s most likely the case you will find at an AT&T store. The case is two parts, top and bottom, and I simply snap the two halves together over the iPhone 4. On the back is a “belly button” locking mechanism that prevents the two halves from coming apart. The case is colorful and fun-looking (comes in teal/black, black/black, red/black, blue/black, fuchsia/black, and gun metal/black), fairly thin, and feels good in my hand. The case is made from a polycarbonate material so it feels slightly tacky but not sticky. It communicates a secure feel in my hand and is quite comfortable.

But there is a flaw in the design, and because of it I would not suggest this product. Let me explain by setting the stage fist. I tend to think of an iPhone as a computer with poor phone capabilities. And because of that, I, and a lot of other people, use applications more often than the phone. In direct relationship to that fact, people lay the iPhone on the desk or other flat surface in front of them while they’re using it. Just look around you next time you’re in the restaurant or other public environment.

So what does this have to do with the iFrogz Luxe case? Remember that “belly button” locking mechanism I mentioned earlier? That belly button prevents the phone from lying flat on any surface. It causes the iPhone to wobble and jump as fingers travel on the screen surface or when you press the Home button. This is a deal breaker for me and anyone who likes to use the iPhone by placing it on a flat surface in front of them. It’s unfortunate because I really like the case and how it feels and protects.

Thankfully, iFrogz has another case which is similar, Luxe Lean. It’s a little thinner, less sturdy, but made out the same polycarbonate material so it feels great in my hand. Most importantly it doesn’t have that damn belly button on the back. However, if you hold your iPhone in your hand more than you use it on the table or desk then Luxe Original is a great case.

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