Pile Driver

Pile Driver

Usually I am not compelled to review iPhone apps but I just had to talk about BOINK because it’s so… well… amusing? Say you’re bored with birthday, housewarming, game or pharm theme parties, and you also happen to be an iPhone fanboy or fangirl, then you better get your bits to the App store and download BOINK from MEDL Mobile. It’s a new iPhone app that uses BUMP technology to check sexual compatibility between two people. Set your sexual preferences from various categories such as type of kissing, foreplay, oral, sex style, positions, and fetishes, then BUMP your iPhone with another BOINK phone and you will be notified if you should quickly run away from the person or take them to the nearest motel. User preferences stay completely private. The app simply tells both parties how likely they are to enjoy a sexual hook-up and not — incompatible because one of you likes fast-sloppy-aggressive tonguing, followed by drunk sex in public while wearing leather.

Setting up BOINK preferences is very entertaining and can even be educational. Browsing the Positions category for example, I quickly figured out that “The Jockey” is not just a dude that rides race horses. And Rusty Bike Pump has nothing to do with a bike but will require some stretching before you attempt the position. Thankfully there are diagrams with short set of instructions for positions that are not so “mainstream”.

“We think people are going to have a lot of fun with this one,” said Dave Swartz, MEDL Mobile Co-Founder. “We’ve been Boinking around the office for weeks while we’ve been testing it. It’s pretty eye opening to find out who you are and aren’t compatible with.”

The app has a section for people to share their BOINK Tales with other users. And MEDL is even planning to sponsor BOINK nights at several night clubs and bars in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

To celebrate the launch, the app will be FREE for the next two weeks. So download, install and start organizing your next BOINK-ing theme party.

BOINK on the Apple App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/boink/id362193370?mt=8

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